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Andrew Greenbank

Preston Golf Club PGA Golf Professional

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Greetings from Andrew Greenbank
Preston Golf Club - PGA Golf Professional

Important information - Please use 01772 700022 when calling the professional shop and not 01772 700011. This is due to a problem we have being unable to retrieve voicemail messages left on 700011.

Winter Series 

Results 31st Jan 2015 - 4BBB - Pro Winter Series

- Winners - Tony Goddard & Graham Driscoll - 46 points, fresh from warm weather training in Portugal - £20 each
- 2nd - E. Shoebridge & A. Cliff - £10 each

Well done guys!

These events will form an order of merit, with your points from each event counting towards qualification to the grand final event held in March 2015 when the leading 12 scorers will play for the Winter Series Trophy and a 1st prize of £100

All entry money will be paid back in prize values each week and results are to be posted in my newsletter on a weekly basis. Who can play in these competitions? Members both Male, Female and Juniors. The more the merrier!

Please support the series and make it a huge success . No booking required, just enter in pro shop.

Dates for the Winter Series The winter series competitions are held on Saturdays; 

7th February - Team Texas Scramble
14th February - Individual Stableford
28th February - 4BBB
Pro's Final: 7th March - Final and Individaul Stableford


Question time ……. Are you a golfer who uses the same swing for irons and woods??

Coaching Video of the week - Click here to see.

This video is a must watch for the golfer who hit the irons well but struggles with driver. This is a very common problem within the golfing world but something that can be easily adjusted. So if this is you please give me a call and I will help you make the required adjustments using FlightScope Technology.

The first 5 bookings will be given at no charge so please click here to grab one of the FREE appointments!

Golfing Packages

Get your game ready for the new season for only £9.99  

We have launched two coaching offers to help you to prepare for the upcoming season. With only 12 weeks to the masters, and the official start to the season, I am offering a great value coaching package!

Package 1 ' 3 X 30 MIN LESSONS only £45.00 saving £15.00 
Package 2 ' 3 x 60 MIN LESSONS only £75 saving £30.00  

We will also be offering a 30 min assessment lesson for only £9.99, this is the perfect opportunity to address a various areas of your game,or even give you a quick fix before you play.

Please book your lesson now by clicking here.

This Week's Feature - How Custom Fitting will 100% improve your game in 2015!

Since the turn of the year, we have been offering various options to improve your golf through custom fitting each club within your bag.

Ultimately your club's face angle is crucial for a proper fitting! For golfers who have a chronic fade/slice or draw/hook misdirection tendency, the specification of the face angle of the driver, woods and hybrids is the most effective accuracy improvement factor in fitting.

The face angle can also be a remedial fitting specification for golfers who repeatedly pull or push the ball too, although a key reason for a pull or push tendency is an incorrect fit of the total weight and or swing weight to the golfer.

Being fit for the proper length is also very important to accuracy improvement with the driver/woods/hybrids, but when it comes to an immediate reduction in a fade/slice, draw/hook misdirection tendency, face angle is No. 1.

As an aside before continuing the face angle fitting discussion:

It is common for good golfers and players who hit the ball straight to criticise fitting golfers as if the incorporation of a more open or closed face angle in the fitting is a bad thing to do for the golfer. No question, in a perfect world all golfers who slice or hook the ball would take lessons, adapt to the swing change, and become straighter hitters.

More than 70 percent of all golfers slice the ball to some degree. It is a fact that learning the swing characteristics to hit the ball consistently straight is an athletic move that a whole lot of golfers simply do not have the ability to do. For them to continue to enjoy the game as much as possible, having a properly fit face angle in their driver and woods is critical.

In addition, FlightScope research has proven that face angle is responsible for 80-85 percent of the starting direction of a shot.

This too supports the decision to make fitting the face angle a very important part of fitting for improving shot accuracy with not just the driver, but the fairway woods, hybrids and irons as well.

But let's get back to the topic of how face angle is properly fit to the golfer. In the fitting process, the clubfitter has to evaluate the following points.

Knowing the face angle of the golfer's current driver/woods/hybrids and knowing the average misdirection amount with the current clubs is key to determining the golfer's best face angle specs. We can do this by using our Flightscope technology. You can't determine the best face angle without knowing the current face angle on the golfer's driver/woods/hybrid/irons/wedges that is contributing with the swing tendencies to create the golfer's misdirection tendency.

Based on a driver carry distance of 200 yards, a 1-degree change in the face angle from the golfer's current face angle will reduce the misdirection tendency on average by 4 to 5 yards. Based on a driver carry distance of 250 yards, a 1-degree change in the face angle from the golfer's current face angle will reduce the misdirection tendency on average by 6 to 7 yards. This fact is the club fitter's primary guideline for determining the best face angle for the golfer.

For example, let's say over the course of 10 shots with the driver, the golfer displays a 15-to-35 yard range in his slice, with most of them being in the area of a 20-yard slice. With this, let's say the golfer has a clubhead speed that carries the ball on average 200 yards with the driver. And finally, after measuring the face angle of the golfer's current driver to be square, the club fitter now knows he should start the golfer's test club work with a driver with a 3-degree hook face angle to begin to see how this change will affect his average slice tendency.

Keep in mind, the goal of face angle fitting is not to enable the golfer to hit the ball straight. The goal is to reduce the misdirection tendency so the golfer can keep the ball much more in play than before. Good clubfitters also know that because driver length has a very strong effect on accuracy, a balance between a shorter driver length with a face angle change that may not be as extreme as indicated by the golfer's amount of misdirection shot tendency is often the way to reduce a slice or hook.

With these points in mind, it becomes easy for the good club fitter to identify what new face angle will bring about a visible improvement in accuracy for the golfer with the driver, woods and hybrids to reduce the misdirection tendency and keep the ball much more in play.

If the golfer needs a specific face angle for accuracy improvement, he should never consider playing with an adjustable hosel driver. All adjustable hosel drivers require the golfer to hold the face square to the target line to achieve the loft change from the adjustable hosel sleeve. While it is possible to adjust the hosel sleeve and then Sole the driver to achieve a face angle change, when doing this it is just not possible to also end up with each golfer's best fit driver loft at the same time, concurrent with the proper face angle.

Want to find out your current club face angle which creates your inaccuracy or lack of distance control??

Call the Professional Shop at Preston Golf Club on 01772 700022 and book your session with Andrew today. Alternatively, click here to get in touch.


Junior Development Programme 

Over the last couple of months, the Academy has been working hard to improve the juniors development and we are now pleased to say that a 4 Hole Junior Winter League will start and encourage juniors to play more golf.

A relationship has been made with the Golf Foundation to offer a structured coaching scheme in the form of the re designed junior passport programme which covers all the areas we would wish from a upcoming junior golfer. Each junior will receive a Passport, which is a record on each individual's progress. 

Along with the relationship with the golf foundation, a £500 pot of funding has been accessed and will go into the JDP to allow us to offer taster sessions into the local community. 

Do you know a Junior interested in learning a new skill? 

The Junior Golf Passport programme, which runs midweek after school hours and Saturday mornings from 9am until 12pm is open to all under 14's who are looking to start golf. 

The cost of the sessions is £28 per month One to one sessions are also available to more advance golfers to help with their development. 

To enquire about the sessions please click here 

Rocket Launcher Mats!

As you know, winter rules are now in place and you can get your Rocket Launcher from the professional's shop! 

The ROCKET LAUNCHER® has passed the test & is welcomed as a long awaited replacement for the old, tired, grass mats. When struck it feels like you've played off the natural turf so it maximises enjoyment and minimises wear 'n' tear on you & your clubs. Features;

- The ROCKET LAUNCHER® is so slender the ball rests a scant millimetre or so above grass height so no need to shorten your grip as with mats 
- No restraint required - strike at full strength without fear of typical golf mat backlash 
- It is self-anchoring so no more additional bending over to insert anchoring tees. Just tap it down with your club head, there, it's anchored  

Preston Golf Club Members' Trip

Silloth on Solway Golf Club - Friday 13th March 

£50 per person includes coach trip (return) Leave Preston Golf Club at 7:30am. Play 18 holes of fantastic links golf on one of the UK's finest courses!

Single's Stableford event with fantastic prizes available for 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place & nearest the pin's Return via coach at appox 7:30pm

If you would be interested please contact the Professional Shop on 01772 700022. Look forward to seeing you there!

If we do not have your desired product in store then you can simply use the 'click and collect' service on the Foremost Website! The website is designed to help customers seek their desired product and to have it delivered to their local Professional's Shop!

Therefore, the customer will still receive the same quality service that you cannot find on the internet!

Click here if you would like to take a look at this service. 

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the newsletter, and have a good weekend.
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